Chill & Relax Color's

Chill & Relax Color's… it is time to take one's time!

Chill & Relax Color's (Card)

A colour palette that will dominate fashion and design trends in the Spring/Summer of 2020. Inspired by a return to nature combined with the present time. Imagine neutral colours such as off-white, cream and ecru, blend them with desert, sandy and terracotta shades, then lighten them with cinnamon, ginger spice and burnt henna tones.

The ambiance created by these soft colours and natural textures encourages spiritual retreat.

The modern woman wants to add meaning to her way of life. It's all about laying back, slowing down the tempo and enriching daily life with gentle authenticity and placing the notion of time and tradition at the core of one's values.

This wind of freedom and simplicity is blowing over the Spring/Summer 2020 collection CHILL & RELAX from MAVALA, unveiling a simple, delicate and natural beauty, that confirms woman's purity and spontaneity.


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