Oh la la ! Collection

With OH LA LA ! Collection, what beautiful promises for your lips!

679 Boom-Boom
680 Zig-Zag
681 Ding-Dong
682 Frou-Frou
683 Bye-Bye
684 Bling-Bling
Oh la la ! Collection — With OH LA LA ! Collection, what beautiful promises for your lips!

A wind of freedom and audacity is rising this autumn-winter 2022-2023!

At the twilight of summer and at the dawn of this new cycle, let our souls vibrate on flamboyant nuances, in opposition to the rhythm of nature which is slowly preparing to sink into its winter lethargy.

As an implicit call to resistance against the cold, let's free ourselves from codes and well-meaning, and opt for strong colours with slightly provocative names, to subtly warm our lips... and the temperature!

MAVALA, like an ode to casualness, invites you to transgress the limits through these vibrant shades, promises of powerful and passionate moments.

No holds barred this season! So, ready to let go?


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