Sheer Lipstick Collection

SHEER LIPSTICKS, the essential touch of shine and elegance for your lips!

611 Aurora
645 Alcea
591 Fantasy Rose
655 Rose Candy
658 Beige Crumble
659 Apricot Crisp
Sheer Lipstick Collection — SHEER LIPSTICKS, the essential touch of shine and elegance for your lips!

The unstoppable flood of colours and glitters of the spring/summer 2022 season enlightens outfits and looks, down to the smallest details of make-up. Through a soft and enchanting sta-ging, a myriad of reflections overturns the codes of colour and transforms it, through the prism of this prodigious play of light, into subtle sparks.

Dare to shine, too!

Give your lips the comfort and satiny shine of MAVALA lipsticks, moisturizing and protective care make-up, for irresistibly soft and silky lips. Deliciously coloured or delicately pearly, the 6 shades of the MAVALA SHEER LIPSTICKS collection will beautify your lips this summer!


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