Hands, The handshake


The handshake

The handshake

From your first handshake a stranger gains an immediate impression of your vitality, character and spirit, and a general feeling for your attitude. The dryness or dampness, temperature and colour are all signs of a person's reactions to actual or physiological stimulations, and sometimes to health problems.

  • A few character traits shown in a handshake:
  • Supple : diplomatic, subtle, charming, humouristic and bright.
  • Stiff : sceptical, resistant, solid, inflexible, traditional and perspicacious.
  • Warm : gracious, communicative, magnetic, passionate and full of life.
  • Cold : secretive, reserved, lucid, ironic and un-sentimental.
  • Damp : emotional, compassionate, receptive, sentimental and excitable.
  • Dry : un-emotional, internal and spiritual.
  • Hard : dynamic, entrepreneurial, sportive, energetic and bold.

Soft : imaginative, dreamy, inactive, receptive, sweet, sensual and enjoying.