Beautifies and takes care of lips!

Lip-Shine — Beautifies and takes care of lips!

Deprived from sweat and sebaceous glands, lips dehydrate more quickly and are more fragile to external aggressions. Besides, lips having a thinner skin, they may crack and chap faster, without suitable care.

Our LIP-SHINE lipstick comes in a new silver and modern case, and offers an improved formula: creamy, gliding and comfortable texture for an intense and shiny colour.
Hydration, volume and smoothing effect are the keys of this new lipstick, thanks to an exclusive combination of active ingredients.
Lips will be more stunning than ever!

How to use

Apply with the bevelled side of the stick or with a lip brush. Proceed from centre to one lip corner, then from centre to the other lip corner, on the upper lip, then onto the lower lip. Pinch a thin tissue between the lips to remove any extra product and to avoid any deposit on the teeth. For a shinier finish, apply an extra coat.


To emphasize the lip contour, apply beforehand a darker shade of MAVALA Lip Liner Pencil.

Dermatologically tested.