Manicure for men

Since men's nails are prone to the same problems as women's, all Mavala treatment products apply. Basically, the manicure for men is the same as for women, except for the following:

  1. Men prefer their nails short in length and natural in tone.
  2. The nails are often a little thicker and harder, so the rough side of the emery board can be used.
  3. Regular use of Pink Buffer will give them a beautiful effect - or the application of natural coloured nail polish:
    • The Nail Buffer stimulates circulation and gives to the nails a natural smooth shiny surface.
    • Incolore (colourless), a clear shiny enamel that adds just a gloss to the nails.
    • Mava-White hides the unsightly aspect of stained, yellow, dull nails, while giving them a natural, healthy and mat look.

Nail care for children

Cutting children's nails is not easy. However, when their nails become too long or harder, children risk scratching themselves and nails can break or be damaged. Mavala suggest their Baby Nail Scissors which are curved and round-ended, especially adapted for babies and children to make this delicate job easier.

Children should be taught nail grooming from an early age. Cleanliness is most important, followed by periodic buffing and regular cuticle care.

We suggest that they regularly apply Mavala Hand Cream or even Mavala Cuticle Cream and help them to master the techniques of shaping their nails with an emery board to deter nail nibbling. However, if they continue to bite their nails, put a stop to that fast with Mavala Stop nail biting deterrent.

The younger you take care of your nails, the greater are the chances of keeping them healthy and strong when adult.