Prismatic Collection

PRISMATIC Collection, a burst of light decomposed into an infinite number of colours!

Nordic Light — A mauve with fuchsia and celadon green reflections, the magnetic magic of the northern lights
Flower Light — A pink with yellow reflections, the flowery energy of petals sparkling in the summer sun
Solar Light — A coral with pink reflections, a treasure of flaming light on the ocean
Satin Light — A pale orange, with yellow reflections, the enchanting softness of dawn light
Pink Light — A pale pink, with bluish reflections, secret and delicate pearly shine of a shell
Fairy Light — A subtly glittery creamy white, the starry magic of a fairy’s wings.
Prismatic Collection — PRISMATIC Collection, a burst of light decomposed into an infinite number of colours!

Fashion for Spring/Summer 2022 is made of thousands of glittering effects playing with transparency and shine. It's all about texture, movement and detail.

Like butterfly wings, subtle shimmering hues capture the light with sensual reflections and unpredictable variations in luminescence.

Glitter all over the body, holographic effects, mermaid scale prints and other marbled polychrome effects: 2000s fever is taking over the catwalks and the fashion shows are incessantly shining.

Yet, everything that sparkles is not only the bling-bling conveyed by party girls and disco balls. Make-up also reveals itself as very glamorous and extremely delicate.

Dive into the fascinating world of MAVALA's PRISMATIC nail polish collection, with its 6 subtly iridescent and translucent shades, which gracefully paint your nails with their elusive reflections of light, between colour and transparency.


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