Oil-in-water formula to get rid of all types of make-up.

Total Bi-Phase Eye Make-up Remover — Oil-in-water formula to get rid of all types of make-up.

It is essential to be able to effectively remove make-up from the eyes, without rubbing or irritating the delicate eye contour zone thus without accelerating the ageing of this fragile area.

The 2-phase formula of TOTAL BI-PHASE is a combination of oils, which gives it remarkable cleansing effectiveness, and Alpine water, for an instant sensation of freshness. Its oil-in-water texture gently removes all make-up, even water resistant! Its crystalline phase, enriched with soft oils, dissolves the most resistant or intense make-up, without rubbing, while its bluish water-based phase, enriched with a mineral complex, leaves the skin around the eyes fresh, clean and soft.
The ideal 2-in-1 for sensitive eyes!

How to use

Shake the bottle before use to mix the 2 phases. Apply a cotton pad dampened with TOTAL BI-PHASE and hold it for a moment on the eye, pat gently to "dissolve" the make-up. Remove make-up in a long up and down motion (from the brow bone to the lower eyelid), then repeat upwards and finally from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye. If the make-up is particularly stubborn, it is recommended to repeat the operation, without rubbing, to avoid stretching the skin around the eyes.


Suitable for sensitive eyes. Fragrance free.

Ophthalmologically tested