Eye shadows, compact powder, with a silky finish.

Satin eye shadow powder Mono — Eye shadows, compact powder, with a silky finish.

Colour eyelids to highlight the colour of your eyes.

Its soft and velvety texture, nicely comfortable, perfectly applies colours for a long-lasting hold. Easy application and blending, shades can be applied at will for a discreet and more intense effect. With satin pearls for subtle reflections or more iridescent shades. Gentle formula for eyelids, with camomile, calendula, elderberry and myrrh extracts (softening and soothing).

How to use

Ideally choose at least two colours. Apply the lightest shade (white, beige, pink) on the entire upper eyelid. Then, gradually apply the darkest shade on the mobile upper eyelid: more faded near the internal eye corner, more intense near the external eye corner, including towards the brow-bone (in the crease of the eyelid).

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Note : Ophthalmologically tested. Suitable for lens wearers. Fragrance free.