Lip Fantastic Collection

LIP FANTASTIC Collection, for lips of dazzling beauty !

671 Petunia
672 Primrose
667 Lily
668 Rosa
669 Marigold
670 Wild Poppy
Lip Fantastic Collection — LIP FANTASTIC Collection, for lips of dazzling beauty !

The colour trends of Spring/Summer 2021 find their inspiration in the natural and luminous beauty of resolutely feminine floral nuances.

When the sky begins to take spring and summer appearances, flowers of bright sunkissed colours inflame the horizon …

Whether wild flowers, reflecting a simple beauty, or exceptional flowers, nature invite us to contemplate this polychrome, deliciously perfumed spectacle.

LIKE a myriad of colourful petals swirling IN the summer sky, flowers are also the symbol of the ephemeral CONDITION of the living, heady incitement TO fully enjoy the taste of beautiful things …

The shades of the LIP FANTASTIC Collection BY MAVALA, WITH its palette of floral, sparkling AND cheerful tones, MATCH perfectly WITH the nail polishes of the FLOWER MAGIC Color's collection and give to your lips a dazzling charm.


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