Charming Color's

With CHAMING COLOR'S, reveal your desire to return to authenticity and serenity!

Charming Color's (Card)

Among the many consequences of the Coronavirus epidemic, which will have marked the Spring of 2020, one will be to rethink the frenzy of our world…

In the heart of the storm, to glimpse and conceive a future in which we will be fully ourselves, a daily life to be reinvented, in search of authenticity and a return to the essential.

A leitmotif that echoes the fashion shows of the Autumn/Winter 2020 season, worn by an omnipresent bohemian attitude, enhanced with a touch of hippie-chic, approaching a slightly gypsy-like look, to the glory of a folk elegance, friends always preferring authenticity.

The checks, in variable geometries and shades, bring a note of fantasy that is both elegant and casual, and the bright colours of red, orange and vanilla twirl on the catwalk, no matter what the style.

Yet everything evokes a simple and reassuring nature, the gentleness of a walk in the forest in autumn, the magic of this monochrome of dead leaves, a golden and flamboyant carpet.

Uncertainty and unpredictability will have instilled this imperious need for serenity and a return to true earthly values. You will easily be caught dreaming of soothing landscapes, reassuring destinations, comforting corners of nature.

MAVALA revisits this autumnal decor by proposing 6 natural and sincere shades, reflecting the aspiration of the moment to find the essential. The shades of the CHARMING COLOR'S collection are soft invitations to escapades in charming and picturesque cities, famous or unknown and mysterious.


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