Pastel Fiesta Collection

PASTEL FIESTA Collection, sweet celebration of beauty and lightness !

Pastel Fiesta Collection (Card)

There is an optimistic wind of courage and sincerity blowing through the 2021 Spring/Summer season.

The irreverence of the past fashion trends, which skimmed close to extravagance and eccentricity, have given way to something more thoughtful, more responsible and more intimate. Fabrics and creations look like, as of now, they are meant to be worn, soft and comfortable, without failing to satisfy our desire for colours: a subtle blend of escapism and softness.

Unashamedly delicate shades, like light caresses, interact with vivid and bright colours: absolute complementarity in these tumultuous times, where our heart constantly hesitates between a return to calm and serenity, and thirst for craziness and euphoria.

Pastel shades have invaded the catwalks and invite to indulgence and resilience.

As an antidote to the prevailing gloom, fashion unveils a rainbow of soft and serene shades offering plenty of ease without sacrificing grace.

The PASTEL FIESTA Collection of MAVALA, with its 6 pastel, resolutely joyful and reassuring shades, follows this aspiration to a return to the sources and to nature.


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