So Future Color's

SO FUTURE Color's, dance, shine and express your party queen look!

Golden Clash — A gold and copper glitter, stellar contrast for crazy nights
Royal Gold — A pure and deep gold, the magnificence of a royal jewel
Star Palace — A silver glitter, total strass effect for the modern princesses
Fashionista Black — A black and gold glitter, queen of the dance floor after midnight
So Future Color's — SO FUTURE Color's, dance, shine and express your party queen look!

As a liberating counterbalance to the standstill we have been imprisoned in, a part of our inner self ardently aspires to be catapulted into the future.

The catwalks show retro-futuristic looks that take their inspiration from science fiction and spatial conquest. The world is dreaming of somewhere else, taking the autumn/winter season on a journey to the future wear planet.

Flooded by a rain of gold and silver, electrified by metallic hues and futuristic textures, the extravagance of the Autumn/Winter 2021-2022 exudes a powerful energy.

Black & white, the fantastic chromatic duo, is all the rage. Black is omnipresent and embodies the comeback of nightlife with its bad girls, its party girls, its fatal creatures, while white, with its innocence, sweetens the excess and exuberance of the moment.

In absolute contrast with neon colours and glitters, we experience a blossoming of lilac, the emblematic colour of a woman always seeking delicacy and introspection. The soft pastel shade is everywhere and is the promise of better days ahead.

An irrepressible desire to dance and to set the dance floor in fire is taking hold of those bodies that have been restrained for a too long time. At the crossroads of day and night, a femme fatale emerges. Alternately urban majesty and princess of the night, glamour, intense, she imposes her dazzling presence on the dance floor as much as on the asphalt.

The SO FUTURE Color's collection of MAVALA deliberately reflects this bewitching duels of colours, at the heart of which daytime elegance and nighttime extravagance are wonderfully merging.


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